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Little Ears Range: Musical Bags

A sensory enriched environment can greatly contribute to a child's cognitive and sensory development.

Music has an amazing effect even before birth. During a child's early years music helps to strengthen neural pathways, as well as having a positive impact on emotional, intellectual, cognitive and physical development.

From birth Communication and Language development comprises of three parts: Speaking, Listening and Understanding. These develop through a range of experiences and constant vital interaction, which naturally occurs between parents and children through daily conversations, songs and rhymes and storytelling.

Exposure to music & rhymes allows little brains and little ears to learn new words, along with opportunity to experience a variety of sounds and tones. Music helps babies and young children to gain active listening skills and develop communication tools. Many experts have researched the positive impact on communication development through giving babies the opportunity to use simple instruments to make music and explore sound. Providing the resources and encouraging babies and toddlers to communicate through sounds enables them to self express.

With this research in mind, Rainbow Sensory Gifts are excited to release Musical Bags with high quality wooden musical instruments to enable parents and carers to provide these enriching experiences for little ears.

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