Lego Challenge!

We thought as many children will have lego, megablocks or similar we would create a BINGO style challenge to see just how many things you can make! 

Lego and other forms of building blocks are a brilliant resource for numerous reasons:

  • Developing fine motor skills - pincer grip, placing blocks and removing them in a sequence.
  • Cooperative play and social skills - encouraging children to build and play together, encouraging the use of language through play.
  • A sense of accomplishment
  • Creativity - letting your children experiment with what they are creating, asking them to build with their imagination
  • Cause & Effect - children can explore cause and effect through building with bricks. i.e. building a tower and watching it fall
  • Engineering - understanding how bridges are made to be sturdy and solid with little support in the middle
  • Mathematics - looking at sequences, number of blocks, how many per row or per tower, how many blocks you need to complete your project

The challenge is available to download HERE