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How it all started...


Did you know I first opened my Instagram page early 2018. I had an idea. It was an idea that wasn't around in the shops or on pages i searched- I spoke to my husband, I called up my friends and they loved the idea. The idea of sensory items in a bag just wasn't around. I think I maybe knew of one or two sellers on eBay who did roughly similar concepts in boxes but the idea in my head wasn't out there. So I had a go at putting something together. Mainly for a New Baby gift to give to a friend...something that I knew would be so much more beneficial than the normal new baby gifts. The Original Bag here contains the first items I KNEW were fundamental to simple sensory play. The mirrors were the item I originally was most excited about as I just knew it would be a great benefit to babies. I created the B&W cards, searched endlessly to make it as cheap as possible for everyone and made the most basic information sheet which has since turned into a detailed play guide. From the original bag, I then made the larger deluxe bag (which is now different) but then due to a deterioration in my mental health and a husband's looming deployment it was best for me to stop the little idea I had just started to develop. It barely got started but it was the decision I needed to take. Since Feb we have been back open, I have changed and developed the bags. My passion for sensory play and the shop is at an all time high - I never thought I would own my own little business but here I am! Learning LOTS, keeping my main focus in mind..... supporting sensory enriched playtime and creating precious bonding time for baby's/parents and carers all over the UK.

I think that it is important to have a passion and to share your passion wherever you can. Through my little shop here and the items, guides, blogs I provide, hopefully my passion for sensory play and early years play will come through.


Katie :)

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