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Halloween Sensory Play Ideas

With Halloween this week I thought that I would share some play ideas that could be done at home!

  Pumpkin Sensory Bags

 After picking and carving your perfect pumpkin- why not let your little one safely explore the insides! The textures and seeds make for a GREAT sensory bag. Watch your baby move the seeds around the 'slime' and push/pull/rub/hit the bag. These bags are great for babies that may try to eat the seeds. Older children will enjoy the hands on feel of the textures without the bag.

 Top Tip: use a zip lock bag AND seal it with tape. I do find the Ikea bags are that little thicker so opt for their bags personally.


Witches Brew Bubble Play

 Why not use the bubble bath mixture in playtime? Make a frothy brew - perhaps in a cheap Halloween bucket/cauldron (poundland/home bargains) with a wooden spoon to mix will allow your little one to feel the bubbles and safely with water. With toddlers perhaps add some cupcake cases/bowls for the 'brew' to be shared out. Allow little ones to add plastic spiders/bugs/eyeballs to their mixtures.



 This is your easiest one! Grab some sugar free strawberry or lime jelly- add some plastic spiders/creepies and allow your little one explore - work out how to- get the objects.


Googly Eye Sensory Bag

 This was a fab idea that I 'magpied' and did with my little boy last year. Simply find some green shower gel/hair gel and some stick on eyes. Add altogether in a sealed ziplock bag. Allow your little one to use their fingers to move and slide the eyes around the gel. Great one for if you have jobs to do and your little one can sit in their highchair whilst you cook/clean around them.


image from claireslittletots


Exploring pumpkins and squash


Why not find some strange, lumpy, bumpy pumpkins and squashes for your little one to explore. Allow them to feel the textures and the unusual sensations- select a variety of colours to help your little one explore the world.


Dyed Rice and Pasta

 Halloween colours very much centre around oranges, greens, blacks and purples. Why not dye rice for sensory bins. I find that the best way is to (again) use a zip-lock bag to add rice and food colouring. Shake the bag to get all the rice covered -then leave the rice spread out on kitchen roll over night to dry.

Pasta comes in such a variety of shapes but perhaps my favourite for Halloween is using butterfly pasta and dying it black to look like bats! This looks hugely effective when added to orange/green/purple rice. Add bowls/spoons/cups/buckets and allow your little one to explore - to empty - to pour- to serve- to create - to play...however their minds see fit.


photo from Natural Beach Living

I hope that these simple sensory play ideas can inspire you to set up a Halloween playtime at home! I have really enjoyed seeing everyone who had a Halloween Story Sack share their photos!

 I hope that you all have a spooky Halloween! Don't forget to eat all your little ones treats...mwahaha!

 Katie xxx

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